Moab Entrada 190 2sided

Bright white, smooth double-sided fine art paper. Good opacity and flexibility, ideal for use in post-bound artist portfolios and specialty book projects. This paper does use optical brightening agents and is an alpha-cellulose paper. While stiffer than cotton, alpha-cellulose has excellent imaging and archival properties and is an overall more environmentally-friendly media base than cotton. The use of optical brightening agents in this paper make it an unreliable choice for prints made for very long term display in brighter lighting conditions but remains the best choice for prints that will typically be kept in books. Offers respectable black density, neutral tones that shift little in a wide range of lighting conditions, has wide gamut for a true matte substrate and has absolutely no glare making viewing easy in the uncontrolled lighting conditions in which portfolios and book projects are often viewed. A photographer and graphic artist favourite. Ideally bound in a Pina Zangaro Machina aluminium post bound portfolio. Price listed for single-sided printing. Second side printed at half price.