Premium Luster Photo Paper

Epson's Premium Luster Photo Paper (260gsm) is a popular choice for printing photographs for framing or for distribution. It is a highly-archival photographic paper that is water resistant, finger print resistant, and is thick enough to withstand mild forces that may kink a thinner substrate. Its finish is lusterous and textured closely mimicking the look of Kodak Endura Luster photographic papers used in chemical photographic output. This paper's gamut is so wide and its maximum black density is so black and under most circumstances this substrate will leave nothing more to be desired of a photographic paper.

If you're looking for glare-free reproduction or if looking for a glassless wall display solution please look towards other substrates like fine art papers and canvas listed on the pricing page. Epson's Enhanced Matte paper is also a good alternative if you are looking for saturated colours, dense blacks, glare-free presentation and aren't concerned about the lack of a photographic or fine art feel of the paper.