Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk

Product has been replaced by Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Pearl. Commentary coming soon.

After numerous requests for this paper I now have it profiled both 24" and 44" rolls are stocked regularly. It is a paper with a baryta (barium sulphate) layer under the ink receptive coating designed to replicate the texture of traditional fibre-based dark room paper. This paper has a surface sheen that is slightly duller than a semi-gloss photo paper that isn't "glare-y" but may still be challenging to light without surface reflections for sizes beyond 20x30". The trade off is that this paper has a more durable surface than the truly matte fine art papers I stock and will produce a denser black and more saturated colours than any other production substrate that I have ever profiled. This paper is unavailable in 36" roll width.