Epson Premium Matte Canvas

This canvas performed well on the Epson 9800 and when varnished with Lumina's Aquacryl varnishes. Unfortunately Lumina's Aquacryl is now unavailable and the Epson 9800 has been replaced by the Epson 9900 that prints better on Intelicoat's Torino 17M. You can still order this canvas if you need to match the texture of a previous installation but when possible you should replace your offerings based on this product with Torino 17M. The old description for this product is included below for reference. Keep in mind that Aquacryl is no longer available.

A recent addition to the Epson line up of professional inkjet media, Epson Premium Matte Canvas, once varnished with Lumina Aquacryl, achieves similar dMax to what can be achieved on glossy photo papers and colour gamut exceeds previous canvas offerings but a small but noticable margin. This canvas is slightly less textured than the two Intelicoat Torino canvases but a few painters have already started using this canvas as their main canvas for their fine art reproductions and find the smoother texture agreeable.