Arches 285 Textured

Despite all of the hype surrounding high tech papers and designer coatings, this 100% cotton textured water color paper made by a paper company founded over five centuries ago in 1492 and prepared specifically for aqueous inkjet printing by InteliCoat, one of the world's leading inkjet media companies, still delivers the widest gamut and highest dMax of any true matte fine art paper I have ever calibrated and profiled. This paper is a bright white and is made without the addition of optical brightening agents. Prints with this paper are tuned to be droplet-free even under a 5x loupe, very neutral with minimal addition of coloured inks to produce a monochrome image thus yielding nearly metamerism-free prints, and the texture is beautifully characteristic of a fine European-made cold press paper. Feel free to schedule a studio visit to see this paper for yourself or check out an Arches cold press paper at an art store to get a preview of the paper's feel.

This inkjet media manufacturer's parent company and its Canadian distributor has made this media difficult and very expensive to access. I have found alternatives to this paper with superior gamut and dMax and for much more reasonably pricing. Furthermore, the distributors of this alternative are much more willing to communicate with and facilitate printmakers and artists. I'm leaving the details for this paper here for reference only.