Torino 20G

This canvas performed very well with Ultrachrome K3 inks but not so well with the Ultrachrome HDR inkset that is used in the Epson 9900. This canvas is being cleared out at $8/square foot and I recommend you coming to view a sample before printing. Print quality is suitable for signage but definitely not suitable for high end reproduction. The original description for this substrate is included below but bear in mind that the description applies to this canvas' performance with a printer that is no longer being used in the studio.

Intelicoat's Torino 20G canvas is a 20mil glossy water-resistant polyester/flax blended canvas that features wide colour gamut with a bright white point that is optical brightening agent-free. The canvas is very durable once dry and stretches remarkably well without noticeable cracking even around very tight, sharp corners of a stretch frame. Prints exhibit exceptionally deep blacks once varnished. This canvas was originally brought in by request of one of the pickiest painters that I have ever worked with. Hitting Torino 17M with numerous coats of a very high quality glossy varnish was not enough to produce the finish that he wanted for his editions. In fact, even after printing on Torino 20G, the canvas underwent weeks of experimentation to find a special combination of glossy and satin varnish applications to lock in extraordinarily rich colours without becoming prone to unsightly glare before this painter was finally, and thoroughly, satisfied.

This canvas is a viable choice for both photography and fine art reproduction. Price includes varnish application. While there may be an optimal procedure for coating for one client, any printing client may choose glossy, satin, or matte finishes or combination of the three or allow the print maker to choose the optimal level of gloss for the image. After varnish application prints are protected from UV light, ozone, and environmental contaminants. Dust may be removed with a damp cloth. The varnish is also water-based thus making it more environmentally friendly than many of the aerosol sprays used on non-water resistant canvases.