Torino 17M

Intellicoat's Torino 17M canvas is a 17mil matte water-resistant polyester/flax blended canvas that features wide colour gamut with a bright white point that is optical brightening agent-free. The canvas is durable and stretches well and exhibits exceptionally deep blacks once varnished. It is the primary canvas used for prints produced for and for works by other artists. It is a viable choice for both photography and fine art reproduction. Price includes varnish application. The client may choose between glossy, satin, or matte finishes or allow the print maker to choose the optimal level of gloss for the image. After varnish application prints are protected from UV light, ozone, and environmental contaminants. Dust may be removed with a damp cloth. The varnish is also water-based thus making it more environmentally friendly than many of the aerosol sprays used on non-water resistant canvases.